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Bobby DeMoss

Hello Fellow Steelers,

I remember a T shirt in my collection I purchased from the late John Hughey, it read "Thou Shalt Not Steel."

Just a really cool biblical play on words but at the same time a reminder of the fine gentleman he was. Well, I hope none of you actually Steal but I do hope many of you Steel and copy stuff you hear because this can greatly advance your knowledge of the instrument.

I Steal, or lets say copy, all the licks and riffs I can get my hands on which adds to my toolbox and keeps me updated. If you are a beginner, novice wishing to advance, a pro wanting new stuff from other players or a enthusiast, the HSGA is the bunch you want to be associated with because we will teach you, coach you, critique you and fill you full of Steel Guitar ear candy. 

 In the coming year here are some things we hope to cover. Jam sessions of course, a Festival, a Christmas Party, plus Intros, Endings, Licks, Riffs, Nashville Number System, Jokes, Being Versatile, Bar Technique, Right Hand Technique tone and lots of other stuff.  

Watch our web site for all the goings on and come out and be a part of it and the great fellowship. I will just bet you will gain from it. And Buy The Way, do yourself a favor and check out Hank Ruf's new store on the Steel guitar Network because it's a Steelers Friend for sure. Lots of cool stuff and must haves. Get some of those Cryonic Strings too. They last longer.

  2016 HSGA President,
  Your Friend,
 Bobby DeMoss


Leadership Team

The purpose of the Heartland Steel Guitar association is to promote steel guitar through organized jam sessions, training sessions, steel guitar shows, and general communication among players. We are also a talent resource for steel guitar players and other musicians who play instrumental music in the area.


All Heartland Steel Guitar Association events are family friendly and smoke free.